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Crankshafts are one of our specialties at ADP. Whether you're looking to rebuild your stock bottom end for performance or building a 2000hp drag car we've had the experience to select the right cranksahft for your combination. We carry cast steel, 5140 forged steel, 4340 forged steel, and EN30B billet crankshafts. Our crankshaft selection includes Scat, Eagle, Callies, Eagle, RPM, Probe, ADP, Oliver, Ford Motorsports, Lunati, and Kellogg. We've dealt extensively with each manufacture's productand can offer recommendations and comparisions that most non-technical suppliers can't. We are constantly adding crankshaft manufactures and new part numbers to service your crankshaft needs. If you're looking for a crankshaft that isn't listed please contact us and we'll try our best to find something to fit your needs.

Don't see the crankshaft you want? Please call us 425-996-0225, we carry a FULL line of crankshafts.

  • Largest Selection of Manufactures
  • Largest Selection of Applications
  • Large selection of materials to match your engine needs
  • The BEST pricing!