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Eagle Connecting Rods

Eagle Connecting Rods

  • 2-Piece Forging for increased strength
  • Multi-stage heat treated
  • Packaged in weight matched sets +/- 1 Gram
  • Certified 4340 steel
  • 8740 ARP Rod Bolts
  • All surfaces are 100% machined
  • Shot peened to stress relieve the metal
  • All H-Beam Rods are Bushed/Floating Pins
  • Each forging is x-rayed, sonic tested, and magnafluxed to insure quality
  • Eagle Specialty Products line of Eagle ESP 4340 forged steel H beam connecting rods, Eagle SIR I beam connecting rods, Eagle 3-D stroker rods, Eagle rotating assemblies and Eagle crankshafts, are all available here at discount prices. Eagle rotating assemblies are also offered. There are street strip rotating assemblies, pro street rotating assemblies and full competition rotating assemblies. The available crankshafts include Eagle 4340 forged steel crankshafts, 4130 steel forged crankshafts, and ESP cast steel crankshafts. In addition to these products the Eagle line of rod, piston and ring kits are available. We also carry custom Eagle rotating assemblies if you need a specific combination, upgrade or other piston.

    Eagle is well known for their high quality crankshafts and connecting rods. Eagle H beam rods and SIR I beam connecting rods, crankshafts and rotating assemblies have proven to be dependable performance products. Eagle connecting rods, both H beam and I beam styles, rotating assemblies and crankshafts are found in everything from serious street cars, to hot street strip cars, to all out drag, oval and road racing engines. Eagle Specialty products offer strength, durability, greater torque, horsepower, and lighter weight in many installations. Eagle has earned a reputation for providing great products at reasonable prices.

    We offer the entire line of EAGLE Specialty Products here at AD Performance. We are working hard to get all of the EAGLE products we have loaded, if you do not see it please contact us, 425-996-0225,

    Eagle Specialty Products are available for a wide range of engine makes, models and sizes. These include Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Neon, Chevy, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Ford, Mercury, Windsor, Cleveland, Honda, Acura, VTEC, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and more. Eagle is also constantly adding new rods, cranks and kits for other applications.

    Eagle H-beam Rods

    Eagle ESP H beam connecting rods are manufactured from a TWO-PIECE FORGING. The forging process forces the grain into the shape of a connecting rod, resulting in a superior fatigue life. The rod cap is forged separately so that the grain runs perpendicular to the load forces, which strengthens the rod. Eagle H-beam rods are manufactured from 4340 steel. 4340 specs allow a range of different materials to achieve the desired results. Although it is a more expensive process, all ESP Eagle 3-D connecting rods also include a higher content of nickel and chrome, which increases the strength and fatigue life without making the rod brittle.

    Eagle H beam connecting rods feature:

    Standard and Longer than stock length rods for many applications
    3-D design offers the advantages of reduced weight without sacrificing strength.
    2 piece forging for increased strength
    Installation instructions, torque specs and bolt lubricant included
    ARP 8740 Capscrews Standard, ARP 2000 and ARP L-19 bolts optional on many models
    Silicon bronze bushings for floating piston pins
    Multi-stage heat treated
    Packaged in weight matched sets
    Certified 4340 steel, vacuum degassed to remove impurities.
    Each forging is X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed to insure quality.
    Shot peened to stress relieve the metal
    Precision Alignment Sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size and eliminating cap walk.

    Eagle SIR I beam connecting rods

    Eagle Specialty Products SIR connecting rods are an economically priced alternative to the time and expense involved in reworking a set of stock OEM rods. SIR connecting rods are forged from 5140 steel and most are available for both pressed fit pin use, or bushed to work with full floating piston pins. ESP I beam SIR rods utilize ARP 3/8" Wave Lok bolts and nuts. Why pay as much or more to recondition a set of stock rods, install new HP rod bolts, and still have an old OEM rod, made of weaker material? Eagle SIR rods are economically priced and are often less expensive than having your old stock rods reconditioned.