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Oliver Connecting Rods

Oliver Forged, Billet and Titanium Connecting rods Oliver rods are the industry standard for premium quality I-beam connecting rods.

Oliver offers connecting rods in billet steel, forged steel and titanium. Applications include drag racing, road racing, sprin car, circle track, marine, street and other performance automotive applications.

The Oliver I-beam connecting rod features an exclusive "Parabolic Beam" design that reduces beam stress and delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod currently available.

All Oliver rods are precision machined using only premium mill certified aircraft quality E4340 chrome moly alloy billets, heat treated to produce a 100% martensite grain structure. Continual inspection, statistical process control, batch sampling and fatigue cycle testing assure the delivery of the finest product obtainable. Batch matched individual, replacement rods are in stock.

Oliver Journal ends. honed to: +/- .0001" * Wrist Pin bushing: +/- .0001" * Taper, Bellmouth & Barrel to less than: .0002" Bend & Twist limit: .004" over an 8" bar * Balance to: .5gm each end

* Sizing tolerances held to highest standard in the industry