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Airflow Research (AFR)

AFR Cylinder Heads: CNC'd Cylinder heads with world class quality.

  • All AFR heads include FREE shipping!
  • WE STOCK AFR HEADS! Please call for your specific application! Stop waiting for your AFR order!

What makes AFR Cylinder Heads special?

While Airflow Research (AFR) has a great history of success in racing, it has been AFR's ability to bring sophisticated CNC porting technology to their wide assortment of AFR cylinder heads that makes them truly special. Airflow Research pioneered the tooling and machinery necessary for true 5-axis CNC port machining, which allows airflow consistency from head to head once the port devlopment is complete. AFR is the pioneer manufacture for economical CNC ported cylinder heads.

Due to AFR's overwhelming demand they are typically running a 4-12+ week leadtime on some CNC ported heads - Get them here FASTER!

We STOCK AFR heads at AD Performance and can generally offer immediate or accerated leadtimes on many of AFR's most common cylinder heads. Please contact us at 425-996-0225 or for your specific combination.

About AFR: For over thirty years Airflow Research, AFR, has been defining technological leadership in cylinder head manufacturing and flow dynamics. AFR's complete commitment to performance has enabled Airflow Research products to find themselves on the fastest race cars and the most powerful street machines in the country. As every engine builder will attest to, the secret to increasing horsepower and performance lies in the cylinder head, and Airflow Researchs cylinder heads outflow and out horsepower everything in their league. AFR heads have set themselves apart with several trademark features. AFR heads all incorporate a 3/4" deck surface for increased cylinder head strength, rigididy and gasket retention. AFR heads are your ideal choice for boosted, blown or nitrous combo's as a result. AFR's heads are CNC ported by the most experienced team in the business. While many companies can offer CNC porting services today AFR heads have been doing it longer than anyone and have a factory 100% dedicated to CNC porting. Other manufactures are processing the heads through a process not originally designed for CNC porting, making them more expensive than a comparable ported AFR head. AFR has also made a commitment to quality second to none in the business. With more CNC porting experience than anyone AFR head's product stands out for quality unlike any other.

AFR Mission Statement: Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality, best performing cylinder heads while providing customer service that is heads above the competition.

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