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AFR SBC Race Heads

Airflow Research Small Block Chevy Race Heads

*We Are AFR's largest West Coast stocking dealer and have ALL standard SBC Eliminator Heads IN STOCK, Ready to ship!***

If you need AFR's FAST contact us for the fastest Eliminator delivery available! We also stock some upgraded spring optioned cylinder heads, hydraulic roller optioned 210's and Nextek CNC BBC's for specialty applications.

As of 8/27/2013 the following heads are our stocking part numbers!

  • We carry AFR part numbers:
  • AFR 180's: 916, 918
  • AFR 195's: 1034, 1036, 1038, 1040 as well as competition 1095's that flow over 300 cfm(!) and LT1 reverse cool heads 195 - 1031 and 210 - 1057's.
  • AFR 210's: 1050, 1054 210's We also have competition package 210's - If you've been waiting give us a call.
  • AFR 220's are in stock in both race ready and compeition port
  • AFR 227's: 1121
  • AFR 235's and 245's
  • Get your AFR Heads here faster than anywhere else! Call for immediate delivery.
  • Call to reserve your heads and avoid AFR's 4-6+ week leadtime!! Why wait?? Try us!
  • Heads can be milled to a lower chamber size if necessary! We also offer custom ordering options with expedited leadtimes - We change current standing orders to expedite your special needs in a shorter timeframe - Please call with your special needs.

***AFR has redesigned their 180cc, 195cc and 210 cylinder heads! These new "Eliminator" Series cylinder heads are the highest flowing performance production SBC head ever released! Expect 290+ cfm from an AFR 195cc runner cylinder head and even more from AFR's competition series! 210's at 300+ cfm! These new AFR's also incorporate Ls1 valvetrain technology using 8mm valves, and behive springs for the lightest weight valve train ever offered in a production SBC cylinder head! We have stock of over 100 AFR Cylinder heads and the largest selection of Eliminators in the country!

Please call if you're looking for another head, we might have it as well! If we don't have it we'll be able to get it faster than anyone!

FREE shipping to the lower 48 on all AFR cylinder heads!

General Sizing Guidelines for SBC AFR Heads:

  • 180cc SBC AFR heads for street oriented 302-350's and high torque applications.
  • 195cc SBC AFR heads for high RPM, or race oriented 302-327's. Street / strip 350 and 383-400's.
  • 210cc SBC AFR Heads for high RPM 350 or race oriented 350-400ci applications.
  • 220cc SBC AFR Heads for High RPM 383-400 applications and larger displacement applications 400-434's.
  • 227cc SBC AFR Heads for High RPM 383-434 applications, special parts (Offset lifter or offset rocker) are required!

    All AFR Heads listed include AFR's signature 3/4" Deck surface, CNC Porting (CNC chambers, Intakes and Exhaust ports) and are quoted fully assembled. If you need a specific AFR cylinder head package please inquire within, we commonly do all different types of custom configurations from basic spring swaps to milling inconel, and titanium valve options.