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RHS Cylinder Heads

Racing Head Service (RHS) Cylinder Heads

  • Iron & Aluminum
  • SBC, SBF, BBC, LSx
  • Bare or Assembled with Comp Cams Components

RHS(TM) Performance Cylinder Heads Deliver Power By Design(TM)
Racing Head Service(TM), the legendary innovator of cylinder head technology, is back with the latest in high performance cylinder head design. Utilizing the expertise of the industry-leading COMP Performance Group(TM) engineering team, the acquired resources of Pro Topline cylinder heads, and the most advanced cylinder head manufacturing foundry in the world, RHS(TM) has reemerged as the performance cylinder head leader.

More Options - Right Out Of The Box
RHS(TM) Pro Torker(TM) street and off road performance cylinder heads are available in iron only, Pro Action(TM) street, strip and competition cylinder heads are available in both cast iron and aluminum, and Pro Elite(TM) extreme street and race heads are available in CNC machined aluminum -ensuring that no matter what the application may be, there is an RHS(TM) cylinder head that will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Think "Racing Head Service(TM)" For More Applications!
RHS(TM) heads are available in a wide range of intake runner and combustion chamber volumes for GM LS1, LS2, and LS6 (GEN III), Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, Vortec , Ford Small Block and 5.0 Liter Windsor applications in bare casting, or fully assembled with COMP CamsĀ® components, delivering maximum application flexibility, and eliminating the guesswork and inconvenience associated with other brands.

Superior performance is no accident; RHS(TM) cylinder heads are built to deliver Power By Design