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CHI Cylinder Heads

CHI Cylinder Heads

  • 185-260cc Port Options for Small Block Ford
  • Bare or Assembled
  • As cast or hand ported
  • These are the heads used in our Engine Master's Challenge Engines and the heads used on 5 of the top 6 engines in 2006!

We are one of CHI's largest US distributors - If you're looking for a CHI head call us!

At CHI we have a Cleveland cylinder head for every application. With no fewer than 5 different styles of cylinder heads for everything from a mild street cruiser to 700+hp race engines, we can tailor a combination to suit your needs.

Our world renowned 3V heads have set the benchmark by which all other Cleveland heads are judged. Combining the very best attributes of the 4V head, and with the air speed of its smaller counterpart the 2V head, they have no equal in performance when combined with our matching Engine Masters Series manifolds.

2V and 4V owners can also enjoy the benefits of our cylinder head designs with our Street Master 2V and 4V cylinder heads. These cylinder heads will bolt up to all factory 2V and 4V manifolds whilst raising the performance level well beyond that of ported factory versions.

Lastly we offer our 3V heads in cast iron for those classes of racing where alloy heads are not allowed. These are the worlds only aftermarket cast iron Cleveland cylinder heads and will give racers the edge over their Windsor counterparts.