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DART Iron Block, Blocks

DART Iron Race Blocks

  • Full line of DART Race Blocks, including Iron Eagle, Little M, Big M and Sportsman blocks.
  • The strongest blocks available today.
  • Free Shipping on ALL DART blocks! (Commercial address or terminal)
  • The BEST pricing!

Why buy a DART block?

DART Block Casting Technology:

Advanced casting technology enables us to produce heads with higher density and strength in the combustion chambers. Tighter casting tolerances allow profiled valve guide bosses to be cast in and produce smoother surfaces for improved flow.

DART Block Qualifying:

All castings are qualified prior to machining to ensure consistency and are pressure tested after machining. A build sheet accompanies each block through the entire production process.

DART Block CNC Machining capability:

Dart's machine shop is fully owned; no processes are subcontracted. This provides total and immediate quality control. The size and quality of our CNC machining centers allow castings to be machined in fewer setups, reducing tolerance stack-ups. This translates into finished parts which are consistently superior out of the box and do not require expensive blueprinting after purchase.

DART Block CAD-CAM Manufacturing:

Digitizing of optimized port profiles and combustion chamber designs with a coordinate measuring machine allows Dart to precisely duplicate these in a digital file. High precision Digital CNC machining centers then duplicate the optimal configurations, part after part, to ensure that every piece we ship is truly a superior quality product.

DART Block R&D Technology:

Dart products are researched extensively before production. Expert technicians and state-of the art equipment are employed to extract maximum performance while providing superior durability in our products. Development does not end when the parts go into production, however. We are constantly redefining our products to bring our customers the best performing components at incredible value. Dart's new custom designed and built wet flow bench is an example of our commitment to excellence. Capable of replicating the flow characteristics of a 600ci Pro-Stock engine at 10,000rpm, this one of a kind device enables us to analyze cylinder head flow properties in a whole new light. The result is redesigned ports and combustion chambers which produce significant increases in real world power.

DART Block Innovation:

Richard Maskin has a long history of developing powerful engine technology. His Pro-Stock engines have captured three world championships and numerous national wins. Together with a team of experienced and talented technicians, he continues to push the forefront of performance engine component design. A commitment to total quality and performance, coupled with leading edge R&D facilities and first hand racing involvement are combined to position Dart as the undisputed leader in aftermarket cylinder head and block design.

DART Block Racing Involvement:

Dart's own Pro-Stock campaign as well as daily interaction with winning racers and engine builders enable us to constantly gain new knowledge and experience concerning engine performance and reliability.

We integrate these lessons to continuously improve our products; a "finished" design is never finished, we never rest!

DART Block and Head Features:

Dart blocks and cylinder heads provide an exceptional value at an affordable price. Precision machining and quality control measures mean you get optimum out of the box performance. A "bargain" component can wind up costing far more after the machining which will be required to make it usable.

Dart blocks are loaded with features you won't find in any factory casting. Extra thick decks, siamese bores, enlarged water jackets, priority main oiling, 4-bolt main caps, finished main bores and cam tunnels, honed lifter bores, coated cam bearings and more.

*Note* DART Sportsman blocks do not include cam bearings or freeze plug kits. DART blocks require specific size cam bearings that can be ordered seperately from ADP.