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Small Block Ford

DART SHP SBF Blocks now in stock & ready to ship! The best price, in stock with no wait!

DART SBF Iron Eagle and Sportsman Race Blocks

  • 8.200" Standard 302 Deck Height Blocks, 4.00" or 4.125" bore options, Sportsman or Iron Eagle
  • 8.700" Tall Deck Iron Eagle blocks - 4.00" or 4.125" bore, 302 main, Iron Eagle Only
  • 9.200" 'Cleveland' Iron Eagle Blocks, 4.00" or 4.125" bore, 302 or 351 main, Iron Eagle Only
  • 9.500" 'Windsor' 351 Deck Height Blocks, 4.00" or 4.215" bore options, Sportsman or Iron Eagle, 2.75" main only

DART SBF Iron Eagle Sportsman vs. DART SBF Iron Eagle Block Comparision:

Both the DART Sportsman and DART Iron Eagle Blocks are made with the same castings and the same machinery. The largest difference is the price, about $300 and the main cap configuration; 4 bolt caps on all 5 mains (Iron Eagle) and a 4 bolt cap on 2, 3 and 4 mains with a 2 bolt cap on the 1st and 5th (front and rear) (Sportsman block.) DART Sportsman blocks are designed for the consumer who has broken his stock Ford block. The first and 5th caps are 2 bolt to reduce costs and to allow for easier oil pan fitment. The Sportsman blocks are also designed to take a hydraulic roller camshaft without additional machine work, although it will take a solid roller camshaft as well (Iron Eagle blocks require link bar hydraulic roller lifters.) DART Iron Eagle blocks include DART coated cam bearings and freeze plugs, the DART Sportsman blocks do not include these additional parts.

They both include:

  • 4.185" bore capacity
  • DART Priority Main Oiling
  • 4 bolt billet main caps

Technical notes:

All DART blocks require final machining before assembly. The bores are .010 undersize and require a fnal hone to size, the main line and lifter bores are generally slightly tight and need a quick hone, and sizing needs to be checked on all components to insure proper clearance. There simply is no 'ideal' spec, every crankshaft and lifter manufacture has their own tolerance, the blocks are machined with this in mind. These components an clearances need to be exact to the block, not 'close enough' if you want your engine to last. All SBF DART blocks are setup for a 1 piece rear main seal and use standard external components (timing, accessories, bellhousing, ect.) SBF DART blocks require specific size cam bearings, not standard 302 size cam bearings.

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