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CHP-Probe Piston/Crank FAQ/Tech

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1. Do I need forged pistons?
Forged pistons may not be absolutely necessary in all applications. However, the minor additional cost of a forged piston can save your motor from disaster in a marginal situation. To insure durability, we at CHP rely on quality Probe forged pistons for all our engines and kits.
2. Do I need a forged crankshaft?
A forged crankshaft is recommended for all power adder and high rpm race applications, although a cast steel can tolerate some moderate race applications including some limited boost and nitrous use.
3. What kind of connecting rods do I need?
CHP offers a large variety of connecting rods from performance prepped stock rods to all out competition 4340 forged H & I beam rods. We have provided the correct type of connecting rod to match the performance level for the intended usage. Selecting an engine or kit from the four series provided will ensure the right connecting rod for your application.
4. Do CHP engines & kits come balanced?
All CHP short blocks, long blocks & crate motors come precision balanced. CHP engine kits require balancing and are priced without balancing included. CHP provides balancing at an additional cost.
5. Do I need internal or external balancing?
Whether application is internal, external, 28 or 50 oz., balance depends on the original factory requirements. It is possible to build a combination with the balance different than how it came from the factory. With the range of parts available through CHP many variations are possible. So it is important that you know your options before making any component purchases.
6. Can I use aftermarket heads with my CHP kit or short block?
All CHP kits utilize Probe forged pistons which have valve reliefs for most aftermarket heads including Twisted Wedge. In some cases modified valve reliefs may be required, CHP offers this as a service to our customers as an upgrade cost.

7. How big of a cam can I use with my CHP kit or short block?

Most kits and short blocks will handle solid or roller cams in the .600+ lift range. But, depending on the particular valve placement in the cylinder head and other cam specifications, deeper or altered valve reliefs may be required. CHP offers this as a service to our customers as an upgrade cost.

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