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AFR SBF 220 Aluminum Race Heads, FREE FREIGHT - In Stock!

Starting at: $2,125.00

AFR's Highest Performance SBF Aluminum Race Heads, PN: 1451 or 1456

220cc runner

58cc or 72cc chamber (Both are in stock)

.710 Solid Roller Race Springs (Upgrades available)

Sized for max effort 331-347's and performance 383-427+ CI Combinations

CNC Ported

Best bang for the buck race head available!

Are you looking for big torque and horsepower number? Only AFR’s 220cc aluminum cylinder heads will provide you with exactly that. With the largest intake and exhaust runner volumes for our in-line Ford line up, these are the ultimate for NMRA Renegade or Hot Street classes. With lightweight 8mm 2.100 intake valves and 1.570 exhaust valves these heads move massive amounts of air. Combustion chamber volumes of 58cc or 69cc accompanied by 80cc exhaust ports which are raised .375 higher than stock. AFR’s new 220cc is the perfect choice for 347 through 427 CI windsors engines operating between 4500 to 8500 rpm. Our trademark 3/4” thick cylinder head deck makes them ideal for heavy nitrous or blower applications.


2.100 valves will require aftermarket pistons notched for valve clearance. (see footnotes here)

AFR 220cc SBF Aluminum Cylinder Head Flow Chart

Tested on 4.125 Bore

225cc SBF Cyilnder Head Flow Chart




Basic Package Components




100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
100% CNC Ported Intake Ports
Competition 5-angle Valve Job
AFR #7261 Bead Lock Intake Valve, 2.100" x 100L
AFR #7248 Bead Lock Exhaust Valve, 1.570" x 100L
AFR #8000 1.550" OD Roller Dual Valve Spring, 225 lbs on seat, .710" maximum lift
AFR #8511 10° Chrome Moly Retainers
AFR #9009 10° Bead Lock Keepers
AFR #6405 7/16" Rocker Studs
AFR #6107 5/16" Guide Plates
AFR #6612 Viton Valve Seals
AFR #8048 Hardened Spring Seat
AFR #9058 Intake Valve Seats
AFR #9069 Exhaust Valve Seats
AFR #9051 Bronze Valve Guides




Specifications, Features, and Optional Supporting Components




100 ft. lbs with 1/2" stud Head Torque
55-60 ft. lbs Rocker Stud Torque
AFR #6812 Intake Port Gasket, 1.400" x 2.250" w/ 3/8" radius, Fel-Pro #1262R
Important: Do not port match your intake manifold to Fel-Pro gasket as it does not precisely fit AFR heads.
AFR #6839 Exhaust Port Gasket, Fel-Pro #1487
AFR #6808 Head Gasket, Fel-Pro #1011-1
AFR #6318 SB Ford 1/2" Bolt Head Bolt Kit, ARP #154-3603
AFR #6317 SB Ford 1/2" Bolt Head Stud Kit, ARP #254-4503
AFR #6320 Head Bolt Washers, Manley
AFR #6207 Stud Girdle
Super Victor Suggested Manifold
Victor Jr. Suggested Manifold
Autolite 3922 Spark Plug Starting Range
58cc or 72cc Combustion Chambers
Can be cut to 1.750, no deeper Spring Pocket
Standard Valve Spacing
Standard, will not accept rail rocker arms Rocker Arms
Standard Valve Angle
.008" per cc Angle Mill (6cc Maximum Optional Mill)
.006" per cc Flat Mill (3cc Maximum Optional Mill)

Note: Milling head deck will affect flow numbers.


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  • Model: AFR 1451
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  • Manufactured by: Airflow Research

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 30 December, 2004.