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Little M Iron Cap 350 main, 4.125 Bore 9.025 Deck


Little M Sportsman Iron Cap 350 main, 4.125 Bore 9.025 Deck

DART offers two series of SBC Race Blocks; the DART Little M and the DART Iron Eagle. This Little M is designed for customers looking to reuse their SBC components and to run a stroke of 3.875 or less (4.0" is maximum with clearancing.) The block is available in splayed nodular iron caps, 4 bolt on 2, 3 and 4 or a splayed billet steel cap with 4 bolt mains throughout. We generally limit the iron cap blocks to Street/strip Sportsman racers and combinations making 800-1000 hp (depending on the application, rpm and other variables.) All DART blocks require the same preparation - Final sizing to your components. The bores are .010" under advertised size (4.115" on 4.125" blocks for example), the main line is occasionally tight, the lifter bores and deck need to be checked.

The DART Little M block is the affordable alternative for serious small-block racers. DART's precision machining eliminates the time and expense of ‘blueprinting’ a stock block. With extra-thick cylinder walls, four-bolt main bearing caps, and a competition oiling system, the DART Little M is the perfect starting point for a powerful and reliable engine for the street or the race track.You can select nodular iron or splayed billet steel four-bolt main bearing caps, 4.00" or 4.125" cylinder bores, and 350 or 400 main bearings. Don’t waste time on a questionable junkyard block or waste money on machining a “semi-finished” factory casting. The DART Little M block is brand-new, fully machined, and virtually ready to assemble with off-the-shelf small-block components.

PN: 31151211

Material: Superior iron alloy

Bore: 4.125” unfinished

Bore & stroke: 4.185” x 3.875” max recommended

Cam bearing bore ID: SBC - 2.00”

Cam bearings: Special coated, grooved, w/3 oil holes

Cam Bearing O.S. +.010”, +.020”, +.030”

Cam bearing press: .002”

Cam journal OD: Standard SBC - 1.869”

Cam Plug: 2.375” dia. cup plug

Cylinder Wall Thickness: .275” min @ 4.185” bore

Deck Height: 9.025”

Deck Thickness: .675” min.

Fuel Pump: Mechanical pump provision

Fuel Pump Pushrod: Standard Length

Freeze Plugs: Press in cup plugs

Lifter Bores: SBC .8427” - .8437”

Main bearing size: 2.450” (350) 2.650” (400)

Main bearing bore: (350) 2.6401” / -.001” (400) 2.8401” / -.001”

Main Cap Bolts: #1 7/16” (2) 3/8” (2); #2; #3; #4 7/16” (2) 7/16” splayed (2); #5 7/16” (2) 3/8” (2)

Main cap press: .005”

Main caps: Ductile Iron - 4 bolt, all 5

Main cap register: Deep stepped register on each side (no need for dowels)

Oil system: Wet Sump - Main Priority Oiling (can use dry sump)

Oil Pump shaft: Standard SBC shaft

Oil Filter: Standard SBC filter, uses 2 bolt filter adapter

Oil Pan: Standard SBC oil pan

Rear Main Seal: 350 main - std seal / 400 main - FelPro# 2909

Serial No. Left front & main caps

Starter: Standard SBC

Stud holes, Head: Blind holes

Timing chain/gears: Standard SBC components

Timing Cover: Can use stock cover / Magnesium w/ pump provision avail.

Torque Specs: 1-5 7/16” bolts - 65 ft lbs

1 & 5 3/8” bolts - 35 ft lbs

Weight: 205 lbs @ 4.00” bore

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  • Model: 31151211
  • Shipping Weight: 205lbs
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  • Manufactured by: DART

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 05 January, 2005.