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AFR SBF Race Heads

Airflow Research Small Block Ford Aluminum Race Heads

We're AFR's Largest West Coast Stocking Dealer! If you're looking for AFR's ready to ship TODAY please give us an opportunity!

***We stock more SBF AFR's than anyone! If you're looking for a set ready to ship today contact us!***

AFR heads entire SBF line is CNC ported from AFR to produce the highest flowing, highest velocity cylinder heads on the market today. AFR pioneered CNC cylinder head porting and was the first company to offer a full line of economically priced cnc ported cylinder heads to the aftermarket.

Today AFR has established the standard for comparision in the SBF head world. The 165 and 185's are benchmarked on 302 and 347 stroker combinations as well as 351 and larger engines looking for a low rpm, torque combination. Argueably the most versatile head today the AFR 205 fits high RPM NA and poer adder 331 and 347's all the way up to 408 and 427 street oriented applications. When a larger head is considered the AFR 220 is the gold standard for inline valve high flowing economical cylinder heads. Easily capable of 600hp in a basic naturally aspirated combination or in excess of 1200hp with a power adder they offer a great value for the small block Ford. Bang for the buck it's hard to find a better flowing, higher performing cylinder head than the 220.

General sizing guidelines:

AFR 165 Heads - Stock 302's - mild 331/347's - Torque 351 applications

AFR 185 Heads - Max effort 302's (piston notching may be required with stock pistons), 331/347 strokers, 351's and torque 393-408 applications

AFR 205 Heads - High RPM or power adder 331-347 strokers, 351-427 strokers looking for great torque and efficiency

AFR 220 Heads - Max Effort 347-363's, High RPM 351-440 large cube strokers

We Currently (8/27/2013) have the entire SBF AFR Head line in STOCK: *Note all NEW style valvetrain on all in stock heads*

  • AFR SBF 165 - 1399, 1402, 1472
  • AFR SBF 185 - 1387, 1388, 1420, 1422 All IN STOCK! We also stock Competition Port 185/195's - 1381, 1426
  • Competition Port 195's are IN STOCK!
  • AFR SBF 205 - With Hydraulic or Solid Roller Spring - Small (58cc) or Large (72cc) Chamber
  • AFR SBF 220 - With Hydraulic or Solid Roller Spring - Small (58cc) or Large (72cc) Chamber

If you're looking for a set of heads call for immediate delivery - Why wait 6 weeks somewhere else? We stock them, try us!