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About Us

A Little History of AD Performance...

AD Performance was founded after going through the same process you are: buying engine parts. After receiving poor technical service and non-existent customer service, we realized we could simply do it better.

We started as a distributor for a single crankshaft company and have grown to carry all of the products you see on our pages today. Today we directly represent over 25 manufacturers. We pride ourselves on carrying the best VALUE product for your money. There are cheaper parts, with lower quality and more problems, that we simply will not carry. We have built a solid reputation on top quality technical expertise, customer service and rock bottom pricing.

AD Performance has extensive hands-on experience, from building nationally competitive Engine Master's Challenge Motors ('03 and '04) to basic strokers for your small block. We have combo's that have made over 2500hp in drag cars, and have circle track, hydroplane and road racing experience. If your project is a Domestic V8 combo, we've probably done it a number of times already and can help you build yours.

Please look around our site and feel free to ask us any questions that you might have: we're sincerely here to help.

Brian Adams
Founder, AD Performance