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Rotating Assemblies

Why buy a stroker kit or rotating assembly from AD Performance?

  • We are EXPERIENCED with your build! Chances are if you're doing it we've done it. We can offer our experience with strokers to make your build better.
  • Our kits are designed to balance and assemble without additional labor and costly heavy metal balancing costs. This can mean $500 or more saved in the end (All aftermarket stroker kits need to be balanced before assembly.)
  • We've spec'd thousands of stroker kits specific for your domestic application!
  • You're dealing with a national competitor, AD Performance has competed in both the 2003 and 2004 Engine Master's Challenge. We will be returning in 2006 to compete again!
  • We can spec a custom application or a complete motor to meet your specifications, please call us at 425-996-0225 for details.
  • We only use NEW, first run quality parts. No blems, no hidden brands, top quality components.
  • We have UNBEATABLE pricing on the world's BEST parts!

Monthly Specials For February

Scat *Special* 347 Street Stroker Kit
Scat *Special* 347 Street Stroker Kit
$899.00  $799.99
Save: 11% off
Scat *Special* 393 Street Stroker Kit
Scat *Special* 393 Street Stroker Kit
$1,299.00  $1,099.00
Save: 15% off