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JE Pistons FAQ

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1. Are your pistons forged?

Yes all JE and SRP pistons are forged for maximum strength and durability.

2. Why do I have an extra set of spiro locks?

You Don't! JE/SRP supplies double spiral locks with most of the shelf part pistons. This means you must install two locks per side for a total of four per piston. One exception would be a round wire lock.

3. What is the difference between JE & SRP?

The SRP piston is manufactured as a "shelf only" part. The forgings are designed to reduce the amount of time required to make them into a finished part. Since time is money, you win by paying less money for a quality part.

4. Do you have rings to go with your pistons?

Yes JE stocks rings to fit all shelf parts and most custom order pistons.

5. How much lift will your piston take?

This varies from motor to motor and we try to give you the best combination of valve pocket depths to fit the most popular camshafts.

6. Is the number on the bottom the part number or the bore size?

No, the number on the bottom is a forging number. JE will soon be laser marking part numbers on new pistons to make future identification easier.

7. How do I get a catalog?

Use the information request area here on the web site and we will send you a catalog, or call (714) 898-9763 to request one.

8. What kind of ring end gap should I run?

We supply ring spec sheets with all of our pistons. If you misplace it, or would like specific gap specs for your combination, give us a call and tell us how your using our pistons so we can help you with gap specs.

9. How do I know my piston to wall clearance, and where do I get the measurement?

We also supply a piston spec sheet with our pistons to use as a guideline for piston to wall clearances that shows the correct measuring point. If you have any doubt give us a call and we will explain how to measure it.

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